Ways you’re wasting money

It’s time to put an end to wasted dollars and cents.  They may be barely noticeable each time, but when added up, these money drains could add up to  hundreds each year!

Carrying a  balance

If you owe $1,000 on a credit card and have an 18% interest rate, that’s $180 a year in interest. Get in the habit of  keeping your balances as low as possible each month.

Keeping unhealthy habits

Those things that are bad for your health are often equally bad for your wallet. Take for example: the cost of smoking,  according to The MIT Press, is $86,000 for a 24-year-old woman over a lifetime and $183,000 for a 24-year-old man over a lifetime,. This price comes from more than the pack of cigarettes. You pay more for health, life, home, and auto insurance  too.
Not pulling the plug on  electronics

Of the total energy used to run home electronics, 10% to 35% is consumed when they are turned off, according to the Consumer Energy Center.

Not tracking your spending

By tracking what you spend, you’ll be able to understand where your financial leaks lie. The $3 you spend on a cup of coffee everyday adds up to $90 a month. Realizing this might motivate you to brew at home for a fraction of the price.