The Maritime Difference

What makes Maritime different?

A small, connected, and experienced team creates an environment for high volume sales. With loans closing in as little as 15 days, Maritime is able to offer speed and efficiency to borrowers. Working with several lenders, we are able to offer a wide variety of products with competitive pricing. Having the ability to sell portfolio loans allows us to assist qualified borrowers whose loan doesn’t fit within Fannie or Freddie guidelines. Our ability and direct access credit repair allows us to reach a wider range of borrowers. All in all, loan officers working with Maritime have lots to offer customers. Our highly held ideal for customer satisfaction has allowed us to work mainly by referral. That doesn’t stop us from offering personalized and creative marketing to our loan officers in order to nurture and retain Realtor and customer relationships.
Maritime Mortgage has thrived over the past two and a half decades. As a company committed to customer satisfaction, we have maintained constant levels of business, even in the toughest of markets. We believe we owe this success to a few simple business practices.
  • Always do what’s in the customer’s best interest
  • Maintain a high level of transparency
  • Support the client during and after the transaction

Working by Referral?

Maritime Mortgage operates primarily by referral. Our strong relationships with Realtors, developers, business owners, and past clients ensure a steady stream of referrals. Of course, we are always striving to increase the number of relationships we have. By adding online applications and increasing our public visibility, Maritime Mortgage is constantly expanding our reach.
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