Activities: September Summer Fun

If you’re like most busy New Englanders, then Labor Day was a painful reminder of how short summer truly is. You may be feeling like you let summer slip through your fingers. Well, you don’t have to say so-long to summer just yet. We’ve compiled a list of September activities to help you hold on to the season!

1) Stay Away! Now that the summer months have come to an end, the shoulder season starts. That means far more affordable rates on rentals and hotels. Spend your weekend on the Cape or up North in the mountains. With warm weather often times running through to October, September may be the time for that couples or even weekend escape you’ve been eyeing!

2)  Scallop Fest. If you like the Cape, sea food, and carnivals then the annual Scallop Fest are your go-to destination. From September 19th- 21st head down to East Falmouth, MA and enjoy some amazing food, rides and entertainment. Tickets are only $6 for adults and $2 for children 6-12!

3)  The Big E – Head to Springfield, MA September 12th-28th to enjoy a fair that’s won 2014 Top 100 Events. Enjoy a day of shows, games, food and fun!

4)  Castle Island. Enjoy a day at the historic grounds around Pleasure bay. Grab a bite to eat at the famous Sullivan’s (open daily from 8:30 AM until sunset). Free guided tours are offered at 3:30 on Sundays and holidays through Columbus Day.

5) Boston Local Food Festival.  On Sunday September 14, the Greenway in Boston will be transformed into the nation’s largest local & sustainable food hub. The event is free, outdoors, and includes a lot of food… sounds like summer doesn’t it?

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