5 Ways to Maximize the Natural Light in your Home

  1.  Use mirrors to direct and re-direct sunlight. Using shiny or reflective services will allow light to flow through a space more easily.
  2. Keep your window treatments light, both in color and material. Using heavy curtains or drapes blocks precious sunlight.
  3. Choose the right paint colors for dark rooms. If you have a room with very little light, find a color that reflect light. Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White and Sherman Williams Big Chill are two popular colors.
  4. Pick and arrange your furniture to ensure no natural light is being blocked. Use glass wherever possible and keep your pieces clear of windows.
  5. Remove obstacles around your windows. Keep your hedges trimmed and your tree branches away from your window. By keeping your window sills clear of any clutter, you’ll allow the most light to filter through.
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